LLC “RESEARCH AND PRODUCTION ENTERPRISE “ENERGO-PLUS” is one of the leading enterprises in Poltava region in the field of electric power industry, electrical engineering and electromechanics. The company provides its activities in the field of designing, development and modernization of industrial equipment; installation, implementation, commissioning, scientific and service support for: the electric power systems, the excitation systems for synchronous generators and motors, the automatic electric drive systems for various technological mechanisms, the automatic control systems for technological processes including: equipment for Combined Heat and Power Plants and Thermal Power Plants (boiler rooms, steam and hot water pipelines), water treatment systems, water supply and drainage systems, systems for control, diagnostics and dispatch for technological installations, objects of electric transportation and utilities, control systems for metalworking machines with CNC.

We are an ambitious team of professionals who strive to be the best in the field of automation for technological and energy processes.

 Our mission is to uncover opportunities, to design and implement the modern technologies tailored to the individual conditions of any production or process. 

Key values of our company: 

- Financial stability. It is based on the systematic management of the company, a complete financial analysis of the expected results. Each employee in the company is personally responsible for the rational and efficient use of the company’s resources. 

- Business reputation. Transparency and honesty are the keys to our success in relations with partners and clients. We openly argue our position regarding the choice of suppliers and participate in public tenders. We comply with current legislation and European standards. We respect corporate values and guiding principles, and act in accordance with the internal policies and procedures. We are building a company with a long-term and purposeful perspective; therefore, we consider honest and principled development to be one of the main vectors of our activity.

- The team. We are a professional team of like-minded people who move the company forward. Holding different positions, we do one thing and strive for joint success. Each of us is aware of the importance of own’s influence on the overall result gained by the company and takes responsibility for own participation. We treat work with love, enthusiasm and dedication, as our own business, as a life’s work.

Over a long period, LLC “RESEARCH AND PRODUCTION ENTERPRISE “ENERGO-PLUS” has been a reliable partner to number of companies, including: Ferrexpo Poltava Mining, Joint Venture “Kyivski TEC” (TEC-5, TEC-6), group of companies “Kernel”, Ltd. “Euro-Rekonstruktsia” (Darnytsia TEC), PJSC “UKRTATNAFTA”, LLC Firm “Tech-Nova” (Chernihiv TEC), group of companies “Interpipe”, LLC “Kremenchuk TEC”,  PJSC “MK “Azovstal”, PrJSC “Kremenchuk Plant of Road Machines” (Kredmash), DTEK “Ladyzhyn TEC”, municipal enterprise “KP Kharkiv Heating Networks TEC-3”, state enterprise “Kalush Teploelectrotsentral-Nova” (TEC), Hlobyno municipal enterprise “KP Hlobynske”, municipal enterprise “KP Lubnyvodokanal”, municipal enterprise “PU “Kremenchukvodokanal” and many other companies in Ukraine.


Since 2013 LLC “Research and Production Enterprise “Energo-Plus” has been successfully implementing complex construction objects on a turnkey basis as well as in separate directions of construction works.

Currently, our powerful team includes:

- five PhD’s, President of Ukraine for Young Scientists Award winners, authors of more than 30 patents, and over 50 publications in recognized international scientific issues;

- certified Chief Project Engineers (engineering and construction design particularly in exploitation safety, noise protection, budgeting);

- over 50 engineers and designers, including former all-Ukrainian scientific competitions winners in field of electrical power distribution, electrical engineering and electromechanics;

- experienced assemblers, welders and locksmiths.

LLC “RESEARCH AND PRODUCTION ENTERPRISE “ENERGO-PLUS” is open for cooperation and proposes the following high-quality modern products:

  • thyristor and inverter excitation systems of synchronous motors, turbo- and hydro-generators with rated power up to 800 МW;
  • electrical cabinets for electrical energy distribution, electric drives control, technological processes control systems, industrial power supply and etc;
  • electronic equipment and software for control systems, events registration, electric drives dispatching, lightning systems, electric transportation objects and utilities;
  • fast charging devices for electric vehicles and passenger electric transport (60/120  kW, 500 V, 120/240 A, IP 65) for the development of Green Transportation infrastructure (under the absence of the centralized power supply, vehicles could be equipped with solar and wind stations containing storage batteries);
  • water supply, water treatment and wastewater disposal systems equipped with modern control, dispatch and monitoring systems will ensure reliable extraction, transportation and purification of water for domestic and industrial purposes (under the absence of the centralized power, supply systems could be equipped with solar and wind stations containing storage batteries).


Also, we are ready to consider both standard and individual tasks in the shortest possible time. As a part of the process management system implemented in our company, we design questionnaires involving our Clients for better in-depth analysis of the assigned tasks. This procedure facilitates maximum consideration of any individual issues. 

The company’s project implementation system has a structured nature and a comprehensive approach, which includes: 

- individual interaction with the Customer, taking into account the nuances of local processes; 

- consideration, calculation and implementation of any complexity tasks, including non-standard solutions; 

- engagement of only experienced professionals; 

- system control at all stages of task implementation; 

- analysis of all project solutions being developed as well as analysis of implementation results.

«ENERGO-PLUS» LLC is a scientific and production enterprise with 10+ years of experience and a huge expertise in design and development of industrial automation, power supply and electric systems. We reside in Kremenchuk, Ukraine. Currently our engineers, basing on a technical task, could provide following works remotely:

1)  develop the software for a wide range of programmable logic controllers (PLC) from Siemens, Schneider Electric, Emerson, Mitsubishi Electric, Yaskawa Electric, VIPA, Delta Electronics, Kinco etc., including general purpose high-performance industrial series (Melsec System Q), flagship series (Modicon M580 with hot standby system) and many others;

2)  develop SCADA solutions basing on SIMATIC WinCC, Citect SCADA, Zenon, EasyBuilder etc.;

3)  develop printed circuit boards and a software for electronic devices based on STM32 ARM Cortex-M4, Microchip PIC32, dsPIC30 and other microcontroller series;

4)  develop general purpose software using Java, C#, Python and other programming languages and popular frameworks;

5)  design industrial automation systems, electric drive systems, power supply systems, measurement and monitoring systems, excitation systems for asynchronous generators of thermal and hydroelectric power plants using AutoCAD and EPLAN software packages;

6)  design of steam and hot water pipeline systems, chemical water treatments systems, etc.;

7)  designing industrial wastewater treatment systems.

We’ll be glad to share our expertise and experience with international partners assisting to accelerate their growth in the field of industrial automation and power engineering. 


«ENERGO-PLUS» LLC is a reliable partner to Scientific and Production Association “Ecosoft” LLC. As part of the projects’ implementation, our company delivers equipment manufactured by Ecosoft LLC in accordance with the Terms of Reference, provides installation, commissioning, maintenance of delivered equipment, as well as preparation and submission of executive documentation. 


We’d like to draw your attention to the following competitive advantages of our company: 

- «ENERGO-PLUS» LLC is an official dealer of «Ecosoft» LLC, which in its turn, is a part of the BWT international group. We offer reagents for the water-chemical mode of boilers and reversible production cycles manufactured by BWT company, which is one of the world leaders at water treatment market. These reagents are characterized by high efficiency and minimal operating costs (which are 15-20% less comparing to production of similar companies). Currently, these reagents are successfully used in the Kropyvnytskyi, Poltava and Starokostyantyniv oil extract plants. The reagent treatment program is carried out with the direct involvement of the BWT group technical specialists. After the stabilization of the system and reaching the technological operational mode of the equipment, the costs for the complex reagent processing program will be further reduced due to the reduction of dosage and switching to other types of reagents; 

- speed of the assigned works execution; 

- specialists of our enterprise have experience in performing increased complexity works related to the installation of pipelines and equipment; 

- advantageous geographical location of our company with our own technological base and industrial warehouses.


It should also be noted, that excitation systems for synchronous hydro- and turbo-generators nowadays are one of the most powerful, complex and critical equipment among powerful electrotechnical systems and electric drive systems. Participation in designing, development, installation and commissioning of such systems certifies high qualification level of the company’s employees. 

For detailed electrical network calculations, including transient processes simulation, short-turn currents calculation according to IEC 60909 standard, and to conduct the modal analysis for verification settings of automatic excitation controllers for synchronous generators, LLC “Research and Production Enterprise “Enegro-Plus” has purchased DigSilent Power Factory software. This software, developed by Germany engineers, is widely used by European energy Association ENTOS-E as well as by Ukrainian National Energy Company “Ukrenergo”. Thus, “Energo-Plus” specialists are able to analyze electrical networks taking into account modern models for alternative energy generation in accordance with the requirements of the Code of the Distribution System Electrical Networks and Code of the Transmission System Networks. This software is employed by JSC “Poltavaoblenergo” to analyze alternative energy generation impact when issuing technical conditions for connection to power grid. 

At the moment, our company has performed detailed calculations for electrical networks of the Northern Region Regional Distributions Center (Kharkiv, Poltava, Sumy, Donetsk, Luhansk regions), the Central Region Regional Distributions Center (Kyiv, Zhytomyr, Chernihiv, Cherkasy regions).

The company possesses all the necessary work permits, its own equipped electrotechnical laboratory, test benches, licensed software and complete set of all necessary tools. 

The company has all legal permissions to provide high risk works (assembly, disassembly, repair works, commissioning, maintenance etc.) with electrical equipment up do 330 kV voltages, and can perform any complexity category works and consequences class works, including SS-3. 

Considering the above mentioned, as well as our huge work experience with the range of companies and enterprises, including considerable technical experience of our specialists in implementation of complex technical tasks, we offer You our services!